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DiRT CC Issue 90 - Is that a Banana or an Apple? - 25th September 2014

Is that a banana in your pocket or are you just pleased to see….oh wait my mistake, its your iPhone 6 plus.  Whilst everyone else in the non-apple camp seems to be slating the latest offering from the fruit company I though I would join in.   It appears that yet again, they have failed to do any real world testing and launched a product that isn't up to the everyday needs of the average user as the £700 device will permanently deform if you stick it in your back pocket and sit down.  Yes it looks nice and yes they have caught up with the Samsung S3 and yes the locked down non-configurable iOS8 is great for plebs but they really should have tested it.    Maybe they did, and thought, oh well - lets just paint a half eaten apple on the back and the Appleites will buy it anyway….and they did….10 million sold in 3 days.


There has lots been going on the world of cycling over the last couple of months.  We have had the tour of Britain which was nice to see up close.  I have a great shot of Wiggo and Cav as they came through Wotton.   Unfortunately for those that ride around Wotton and use Strava, the KOM's have been somewhat put out of reach!

Just last week, Jens Voigt had a stab at the 1 hour record and became the new world record holder at the ripe old age of 41 with a distance of 51.11Km.  With the change to the rules regarding the use of aerodynamic bikes, there should be a whole bunch of people having a stab at the record in the near future including Wiggo next summer.

Speaking of Wiggo, did any of you see he efforts on the Time Trial World Champs on Tuesday.  Not only did he become the current world champion completing the 57.1KM course in 56mins 25secs he absolutely smashed the competition beating Tony Martin, the former champion, into second place by 26 seconds!  Well done Sir.

Away from the road, Team GB did exceptionally well at the Downhill World Champs too taking the top 3 spots in the Elite Women and the top two in Elite Men.  Josh Bryceland having won the DH World Cup at the end of August was on target to take the Word Championship Gold also until he over jumped the last bridge and snapped his ankle.  Despite this he still managed the silver spot.  The GoPro helmet cam is well worth a watch.

Last but definitely not least - Scotland.  There has been a bit of voting going on but that is so last week.  A couple of weeks ago DiRT CC headed north for the annual pilgrimage to Kirroughtree, Innerleithen and Glentress.  We have been many times before but this has to be up there as one of the best mainly due to the weather.  The good summer meant the trails were bone dry and more importantly, fast.   It was so good out on the trail that we slipped two trails in on the Sunday either side of the F1 another cheeky run on the Monday morning before we came home.  Altogether an epic Scotland trip.


Cwmcarn (Di) - Sunday 5th October

Twin trail  epic at Cwmcarn.   Meet 09:00 for a 09:30 start.

Forest of Dean (Di) - Saturday 12th October

Meet at the Pedal-a-Bike -Away café at 08:30 for Bacon butties - 09:00ish for ride

Afan - TBD (Di) - Sunday 26th October

Trail TBD depending on temperature.  09:45 meet at Glyncorrwg ponds for bacon butties.

FOCUS ON: 2015

With only 90 days until the fat man arrives down your chimney, its time to start shortlisting your pressies.

On the roadie front, its much of the same.  Carbon frames are getting cheaper, 11 speed is now on the 105 groupset and disc brakes are now available without Di2.  No plans for Di2 on 105 yet though.  Disc brakes seem to be the flavour of the month so expect the to specced on mid to high end bikes as standard over the next 12 months.  There are plenty of deals out there on 2014 stock as the 2015 floods into the shops.

In the MTB camp, things are changing.  The humble 29er seems to have been dropped by a few manufacturers including Giant and Merida so the writing may be on the wall for the wagon wheels.  27.5" is everywhere from XC to Trail to Enduro with 26" been reserved for the big rigs. The triple chainset seems to be on its last legs also as more 2x10, 2x11 and 1x11 setups are being specced on new steeds.  Again, there are plenty of deals to be had on 2014 stock.


First person in Perth, Australia to but and iPhone 6 - Magical, first person in Perth to drop one - Hilarious!